Basic Planning

Help every student learn basic planning, organization, and time-management skills to emphasize students’ responsibility for their own behavior and education. Search through a selection of targeted lesson plans to teach students how to overcome procrastination, set and achieve goals, complete and manage projects on time, and more!

Study Skills & Test Prep

Provide students with the necessary tools and knowhow to succeed on standardized tests, tackle projects, and prepare for assessments. Explore lesson plans that guide students through study strategies and test-taking skills and objectives.


Reinforce character for positive behavior and develop student’s interpersonal relationships. Individual lessons translate positive character traits into words and actions to teach students to become caring and responsible citizens.


Prepare the class to identify, address, and respond to bullying behavior. Lessons help you create a safe, caring climate and promote a positive classroom atmosphere with topics focused on peer pressure, diversity, relationship building, teamwork, and more.

Health & Wellness

Promote healthy lifestyle choices, skills, knowledge, and attitudes that will last a lifetime. Lessons impart learning of health-enhancing principles in physical, nutritional, mental, and social health.

Career Planning

Gather tools to educate your students and lead them through activities that prepare them for college and life after school.

Digital Citizenship

Build class lessons around finding and using needed information effectively and safely in a 21st Century classroom.


Lead students through exciting hands-on learning activities that garner their science, technology, engineering, and math learning skills in authentic learning experiences.